Cat that JUMPS like a RABBIT?!

Cat that JUMPS like a RABBIT?!

Recently, a TikTok video shows a rabbit is jumping towards the camera, yet it looked kind of clumsy and cute. Then, the cat who sat beside immediately imitates how the rabbit jump after observing a while. But, the movement of the cat was completely different from the rabbit which is even more rhythmic. The rabbit was shocked with a stunned expression by the cat’s action and thinking ‘Is the cat mocking at me?’. 

Rabbits do not only eat carrots! 4 tips about rabbits that you don’t know!

Rabbits as a popular pet who always eating carrots are far more adorable than you could imagine. They dig any complex tunnels, weighing more than 20 pounds, and even eat their own poop. The fact that the rabbit loves to eat carrots has deeply rooted in everyone’s perception. However, there are not many people who know that some of the rabbits have died in pain because of human selfishness. Most people are buying rabbits because they watch those adorable rabbit videos from social media, yet they did not use an accurate way of raising them. In fact, some of the rabbits have long teeth because of not grinding their teeth on the forage, eventually being pierced to the flesh.

Other than that, there is no such thing as ‘Mini-Rabbit’ in the world. Those rabbits are lack nutrition and do not grow up anymore. Hence, we hope that you as a responsible owner should do some research on rabbits before choosing to bring a rabbit home in order to avoid these tragic situations from happening.

Rabbit is a standard herbivore where it does not need to eat any meat. Rabbit is not only more in line with this kind of eating habits but also benefits their growth and development. We have had this knowledge that carrot is their main food to eat yet wild rabbits do not even eat vegetables. They rather chew on weeds, grasses, and clover rather than vegetables. However, this does not mean that you can’t feed your pet rabbit carrots as a snack from time to time just have to be in a moderate amount. Carrots are high in sugar and will cause tooth decay in 11% of rabbits.

Rabbits are the type of animal who is super clean because of their daily habits which are cleaning themselves besides sleeping. If you keep a rabbit at home, you will find out that the rabbit will lick its fur and wash its face every time it ate or wakes up. The reason is they only care about their fur and do not want any dust to fall under their fur.

People in the older generation said that rabbits are smelly. In fact, if you have a closer look at the rabbit’s poop you can tell that it is made of grass clippings plus it is hard round shape. Hence, it is impossible to produce any bad smell. What happens is because of the early farmers who did not pay attention to the cleanliness of their living environment which causes the smell and the prejudice against rabbits begins from that time.

What makes every owner be surprised is rabbits eat their own poop sometimes and deal with it again. It may look rough, but poop is an essential part of the rabbit’s diet. They even produce a special kind of poop that is softer than normal and edible. Rabbits have a fast digestive system that could digest waste and absorb body nutrients that they have missed for the first time.

If you have decided to raise a rabbit, please ensure that you will be prepared to be learning and researching information about them from any online blog or PetBacker’s blog. PetBacker will as well continue updating blog article about pets for those who have questioned about keeping a specific pet. Please be sure to stay tuned at PetBacker’s blog and our official websites!