What should I do before submitting a Premium Protection claim?

  • In the unlikely event that the guest pet is injured, the pet sitter will always try to contact the pet owner, or their emergency contact, before any treatment is sourced.
  • In the event of the pet sitter or PetBacker being unable to contact the pet owner (for example because they are traveling overseas), the pet owner accepts that if their pet requires veterinary treatment, the pet owner will refund the funds to the pet sitter for any necessary treatment.
  • If applicable, the pet owner will first use their own pet insurance to refund the cost of the treatment to the pet sitter. In the event of denial by the pet owner’s insurance company or if the pet owner doesn’t have a pet insurance, the pet owner will refund any veterinary bills to the pet sitter and will be entitled to file a Premium Pet Protection claim with PetBacker.
  • Check what is eligible for a Premium Protection claim here.